Boogie Jacker 4 Facebook

WP Secret Power that gives you THOUSANDS of LIKES on your Facebook pages without spending a single penny on the FB Ads!!

Secret WP Plugin to Increase your FB Page Likes & Subscribers

Before you read another word on this page we need to make sure that you understand that what you’re about to discover is as Black Hat as you can get when it comes to getting Likes for your Facebook pages.
DO You want the easiest possible way of getting more Likes on your FB pages?

DO you want to find out an easy way to increase your FB likes with minimum efforts and without wasting money on FB ads?

That’s the real reason you’re here, aren’t you?

Good, because that’s the real reason why we created the tool that you’re about to discover.

SuperPowers of Mr. Boogie Jacker

Three types of actions and widgets are supported:


Subscription to the selected user’s page

 Page/product/service saving to the list


Ability to specify % of users who will see PopUp with BoogieJacker

User's authorization status check on Facebook (optionaly).

BoogieJacker will not be initialized if user is not logged into FB

Additional option for installing BoogieJacker on the Submit button

Analytisic - shows number of user's actions (jacks, form submissions, views)

Split-testing system to improve effectiveness of your campaigns

Flexible design configuration for the PopUps, the ability to create your own (only for close button)

Invisibility of all kinds of widgets, except the posts saving (Appears FB PopUp widget with post saving form)

Ability to configure BoogieJacking on the scrolling, clicking on a specific item when user is trying to leave BoogieJacking page

You can specify a defenite pages for BoogieJacking

A huge number of ready-made templates

Works on mobile and desktop traffic

Setting up the "Thank You" page

Targeting on mobile phones or PC users only

Safe to use with AdSense

When you start using Boogie Jacker, your FB pages become more and more popular on complete auto-pilot.

No longer your FB page will be unknown. You will be able to build the most popular FB page in your niche with the ability to reach 10,000’s of people at the touch of a button.

As the number of Likes increases on your pages it will be seen as the authority page and present you as an expert in your niche.

Start Getting Unlimited Likes, Subscriptions and Bookmarks For Your FB Pages Today

Simply choose how many WP sites do you want the Boogie Jacker plugin will be installed on, from the options below, and then click the «Buy Now» button.

3 Site License

Install the BoogieJacker only on 3 WP sites
  • Annual License
  • Free updates
  • WP Sites
Only $45

10 Site License

Install the BoogieJacker on 10 WP sites
  • Annual License
  • Free updates
  • WP Sites
Only $65

20 Site License

Install the BoogieJacker on 20 WP sites
  • Annual License
  • Free updates
  • WP Sites
Only $80

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